Make Homeopathy your health choice

World Health Organisation calls Job stress a 'Worldwide Epidemic'.

Technology has made us available 24/7 and instead of making our lives easier it has increased expectations and time pressure on just about every area of our lives.   Answer a few questions for me....

  • Angry or Irritable?

  • Unable to cope with workload?

  • Indigestion or IBS?

  • Tightness in the chest or palpatations?

  • Fatigued with no energy or enthusiasm?

  • Drinking too much coffee/tea or alcohol? 

  • Working longer hours and achieving less?

  • Not sleeping - tomorrow going round in your head?


What happens to us during times of over stress?

 It starts with a whisper,  you feel just a little irritated.  Instead of listening to those whispers and taking a break we work harder and the immune system - desperately trying to pull our bodies back into balance - sends more critical messages in the form of illness to forces us to slow down and take a rest. 

The indigestion develops into Irritable Bowel Syndrome and eventually feelings of panic emerge as you try and cope.  But even at this point we turn to medication to suppress the symptoms and keep us going.  Sound familiar?


How can Homeopathy help?


The good news is homeopathy can help provide a safe, supportive system of healing that will focus on you as an individual and treat your specific symptoms both physical and emotional to give long lasting benefits.


The homeopathic consultation is one and half hours long.  Time is taken to listen to your emotional and physical symptoms to understand exactly what challenges you are facing.  A remedy closely matching your individual symptoms is prescribed.  The remedy will gently nudge the immune system into action and stimulate your body to do what it does best - Heal itself.  The aim is to get you to a level of health so that eventually you will need infreqent treatment.


Clinic Details.

I have clinics in both Henley and Ascot.


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