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The children's clinic is one dedicated day per week.  The format used here is to work with another homeopath.  This gives us the chance to observe the child and talk to the parent turning a serious consultation into a fun pleasant experience for all.   We see patients from small tiny babies to late teens and even support Mum & Dad through the pregnancy and birth experience. 

Whatever the problem we can help support the young patient.  The fact that homeopathic remedies are safe, effective and free from side effects make it an ideal treatment for children of all ages even the smallest of babies.  Homeopathy has a very good record in treating eczema, teething, hyperactivity, sleep disorders and all forms of irrational anxiety.  However being a holistic therapy it is successfully used to treat all kinds of conditions. 

We look carefully at the 'picture' presented by the child.  For example, the state of mind, the general behaviour, the sleep, the appetite and subsequent digestive process, the reaction to pain or difficult situations.  The homeopathic approach is different to that of your GP.  Homeopathy is holistic , it treats not just the symptoms of your child's illness, the rash, the stomach upset, the inability to sleep, but also the child's emotional state. 

Lots of parents are interested in how we are able to get enough information from small babies.  Older children can tell us how they feel and how they react.  However with small babies we rely on observation, birth picture and the parents sharing their knowledge of the child with us.  Most children respond very quickly to treatment.  With teenagers we are happy to answer their questions whilst listening attentively to anything they want us to understand. 

Teenagers need respect!

We know that whatever affects the mind will show in the body and vice-versa, so our aim is to help the mind and body work together in balance and harmony. 

We are always happy to talk about homeopathy to individuals or organsied groups.  A first aid talk is run on the first Wednesday of each month by appointment.  This is very popular for families that want to learn how to use homeopathy safely in their own homes. 


I have clinics in both Henley and Ascot.


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