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Welcome to Holistic Homeopathy

My name is Haroon Ashraf and I am a homeopath based in London, providing holistic homeopathy treatments to my clients. Although I specialise in treating skin and gut conditions, I also provide treatment for other conditions which I assess on a case by case basis. The homeopathic remedies offered to my clients are natural, safe and effective. The ultimate aim of my treatment is to provide a lasting cure, as opposed to conventional medical routes which offer treatments that can often be ongoing, long-term, and on which the patient remains chronically dependent.

Although primarily I provide online homeopathic consultations to my clients who prefer to speak with me from the comfort of their homes, I also hold face-to-face consultations at my clinic in West London near Ealing Broadway. The virtual appointments are held via FaceTime, Whatsapp, Zoom and other similar platforms as convenient to each client, with remedies delivered home via Royal Mail post.

Consultations are by appointment only. Please note that this may involve some wait time due to the waiting list.

Consultation Fee – Change in Rates

Holistic Homeopathy has provided quality homeopathic treatment for years at a competitive price. We take pride in providing top quality homeopathic health solutions at an affordable price to our clientele who represent a range of socioeconomic backgrounds. The testimonies of our clients highlighting the efficacy and affordability of our services, are many.

We source our remedies from world-renowned homeopathic pharmacies that prepare their products from organic and pure therapeutic agents. And similarly, our homeopathic supplies and packaging are sourced from high-quality suppliers, all of which incur a premium. We ship our remedies using the Royal Mail’s ‘24hrs tracked’ service so as to guarantee swift delivery, as well as peace of mind to our clients. We do all this because we take utmost pride in our services and aim to be leaders in our field. Our clientele’s unwavering confidence in our services and products is a testimony to that. 

Over the recent years there has been a considerable rise in inflation which has impacted on the costs involved with preparing homeopathic remedies, obtaining supplies and packaging, and of course shipping costs. Driven by our mission to provide quality and affordable homeopathic health solutions, we have not previously passed on any costs to our valued clients and have instead absorbed them. However, we have now reached a point where we feel obliged to revise our consultation fee, which is inclusive of homeopathic remedies, their packaging and shipping. As such, we will be increasing the existing consultation rate by £10, which will translate into £70 for an initial consultation, as well as a follow up consultation. 

Please use the “contact me” page of our website to direct your queries to us. 

We greatly appreciate your understanding on this.

Why Choose Homeopathy?

Society today suffers the pressures of modern living. Although the coronavirus pandemic has caused us to stop and focus on the way we live, it remains the case that we work longer hours than ever before, worry more and sleep less. Indeed, anxiety is a modern yet widespread issue. The constant stimulation offered by mobile devices and social media means that we remain connected, our minds never truly switch off, thus affecting our ability to concentrate, form memories and more importantly, truly relax. Homeopathy provides a holistic therapeutic strategy that understands the interaction of our emotions with physiological functions, and offers courses of treatment that cater to the individual’s unique set of circumstances.


Homeopathic remedies have been used for more than two hundred years with an excellent record of success in treating a wide range of ailments. Holistic homeopathy has achieved positive clinical results in numerous patients, sometimes as a last-resort approach when other interventions have failed.

How Can Homeopathy Help?

In homeopathy we find one of the most “peaceful” and non-invasive therapeutic systems. The aim of a homeopath is to understand not only the set of symptoms a client may be experiencing, but also his/her background, emotional makeup, and fears and anxieties, in order to provide a bespoke treatment regime.

As a holistic medical practitioner, my homeopathic treatment is not confined to just masking individual symptoms but aims to eliminate all disease symptoms including the susceptibility to certain conditions. The treatment aims to revitalise individual energy, and provide resistance against the worries and stress of modern life.

Healing Timeline

My clients usually report the beneficial effects of their bespoke homeopathic treatment within 2 - 4 weeks after they start working with me. Once the homeopathic remedy takes effect, a steady, progressive and consistent improvement ensues which is followed by a gradual relieving of symptoms. I usually ask my clients to observe improvements in their conditions on a weekly basis as this helps them to reflect on the efficacy of the treatment. The complete curative process may take up to 2-3 months and in some cases even longer. Some of my clients with chronic conditions have been working with me for years. Their conditions have progressively improved over time, required less frequent homeopathic treatment and, in some cases, only occasional interventions with consequent improvement in their quality of life. The type of condition and chronicity of course has a bearing on the healing timeline and therefore, I provide a healing timeline on a case to case basis. 

Honest Dialogue

While homeopathy has helped millions around the world to attain good health and a healthy state of wellbeing, it may not always be the most desirable choice of treatment for everyone. One should be careful not to view homeopathic treatment as a panacea for all medical issues.

During my consultations, I manage my clients’ expectations of homeopathic treatment and discuss any limitations that they may encounter. I make my clients fully aware if I feel that homeopathy can only be helpful as a supplementary form of treatment or if I feel some cases may not necessarily respond well to treatment. I only take those cases which I believe would gain a substantial and sustained benefit from homeopathic treatment.