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Clients Say?

I have been suffering from eczema for a long time, with flare ups causing my hands and arms to bleed as a result of near-constant itching. Sometimes a bad bout of eczema would make it difficult for me to wear a long-sleeve top as I couldn’t bear the touch of clothing. I was repeatedly prescribed a strong cortisone topical cream by my GP which would help clear up the eczema but I was always concerned about the potential long-term effects of using such a cream again and again yet felt I didn’t have any other options. A friend suggested trying homeopathic treatment and recommended Haroon to me, who has now been treating me for six months. Although progress was initially slow, I am most happy with the state of my skin six months down the line as my eczema patches have improved immensely. My flare-ups now are not only few and far between but are also fairly mild, and quickly resolved by a telephone appointment with Haroon plus a short course of homeopathic treatment. Thanks very much Haroon!

Briony, Guildford

Haroon has helped me to deal with hay fever during the spring and summer months, which cause me the usual sneezing, runny nose, and itchy eyes’ symptoms. Evening times would always be particularly bad with anti-histamine medicine helping somewhat but which would often make me feel drowsy. Exam periods during the summer were always pretty unpleasant. 

My mother took me to see Haroon and after [two] summer sessions of treatment with him, there is a definite difference in my hay fever symptoms which are much milder than they used to be. I certainly don’t dread going outdoors during these months now as my hay fever is much more manageable now.

Lucia, Ealing

I have had sciatica for a while and it seriously impacted my quality of life at times. Having worked with Haroon for a couple of years, I can see how far I have come in managing the condition- it’s been pretty remarkable. Many thanks Haroon.

John, Woking

Haroon is an extremely helpful and supportive practitioner and I can’t thank him enough for helping me deal with recurrent cold bugs during the winter months by prescribing me a course of treatment aimed at strengthening my immune system. It’s great not picking up every bug in circulation each winter!

Judith, Kent

Haroon’s treatment plan has massively helped me with eczema on my back which is now almost non-existent, thank you Haroon!

Angelo, Acton

My friend was treated by Haroon for his eczema and he recommended I have a consultation with him in regard to heat rash which I am prone to getting during warmer weather. As well as prescribing homeopathic treatment, Haroon also suggested some lifestyle and dietary changes and it all has worked well for me.

Helena, Kensington

My son has been seeing Haroon for a year now for tonsillitis and he has had great results with Haroon’s homeopathic remedies. I’m particularly glad that my son hasn’t had to take any courses of antibiotics since being treated by Haroon. Thank you Haroon for providing a great support system in my son’s overall wellbeing.

Aisha, Hammersmith

Haroon’s remedies have helped me with my osteoporosis. When I first consulted him a year ago, he was straightforward and explained to me that the degenerative changes in my knee joints could not be reversed but homeopathy could help manage the pain and stiffness. During the past year I have taken Haroon’s remedies on and off with satisfying results, and at least I am able to deal with household chores without much trouble.

Pola, Woking

I had a virtual appointment with Haroon who then sent me a pack of remedies in order to cure my adult acne. I have seen a steady improvement and am very happy with the results so far. Thanks Haroon.

Reza, Brentford

Thank you Haroon for helping me with my sinusitis!

Ben, Northolt

I am experiencing an enormous improvement only after six month into Haroon’s homeopathic intervention for indigestion. No more bloating, cramps and acid refluxes - I feel so much more comfortable. Haroon has been attentive and most diligent in ensuring the correct treatment plan for me- I can’t thank him enough.

Fatima, Berkshire

I have had callosities and corns on my soles for many years, which I have had previously removed by a podiatrist, only to see them coming back again. After I started consulting Haroon, I have experienced a marked improvement and my soles are not as tender and painful as they used to be.

Melanie, Harrow

I have been seeing Haroon for a few months now and his treatment plan and dietary precautions have helped me to deal with gluten intolerance.

Kwame, Richmond

I started consulting Haroon for psoriasis over a year ago and I’m happy to say that his treatment has already come a long way in relieving my symptoms. I also find my energy levels to be much better now too. I am still under Haroon’s care and his medicines are working like a charm.

Emmanuel, Glasgow

After my diagnosis of ulcerative colitis a few years ago, I realised that my condition was gradually getting worse. I would get recurrent flare ups and have to take time off work, as well as sometimes cancel plans with friends and family. I increasingly needed steroids as time went on in order to manage the condition and was quite anxious about my dependency on these and anti-inflammatory drugs. Although I was somewhat sceptical about alternative medicine, I realised I had nothing to lose and came across Haroon by chance during an online search a year ago. Although his homeopathic treatment took some time in making a difference, I continued to follow his instructions and continued to take the remedies that he prescribed to me. I am pleased to report that I have slowly but surely felt my symptoms became far more manageable, now the relapses are less frequent and mild. I cannot recommend Haroon enough, he has been most helpful.

Reetu, Cardiff