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Topical Steroid Withdrawal and Eczema Treated with Homeopathy – Skin Gallery
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Homeopathic Treatment of Discoid Eczema
  I have observed in practice that often patients making inquiries at the behest of their family or acquaintances, are initially sceptical as to the efficacy of homeopathic remedies in the treatment of this chronic condition. But once their treatments begins, they are left pleasantly surprised to see a steady and progressive improvement of their […]
Topical Steroid Withdrawal Treated with Homeopathy
  There are no agreed protocols in modern medicine for treatment of Topical Steroid Withdrawal , as it is not recognised as a distinct clinical entity. Patients seeking help for Topical Steroid Withdrawal are usually prescribed with more topical corticosteroids, which more often than not proves counterproductive. Patients, on the other hand have become more […]
Homeopathy for Dogs
In the course of practice, it is not uncommon for homeopaths to receive inquiries in relation to homeopathy treatments for pets, since clients’ desire to seek a natural, gentle and non-invasive treatment for their pets stems from their own positive experience of homeopathic care. It is not very well known that homeopathy is in fact […]