Haroon Ashraf

The Skin and Gut Homeopath

Fees &



For UK-based clients, your consultation fee includes the prescribed homeopathic remedy and postage within the UK. For overseas clients, I will provide details of the relevant homeopathic pharmacies from where remedies can be purchased. If you are unable to attend your appointment, please provide 24- hours notice in order to avoid cancellation fees.

Initial Consultation: £70

Follow-up Consultation: £70


I offer online consultations as well as face-to-face consultations at my clinic in West London in accordance with each client’s personal preference. Prescriptions are despatched by Royal Mail post to UK-based clients. For overseas clients, I provide links to homeopathic pharmacies across the globe giving them ready access to the remedies that I prescribe them.

During the initial consultation we will speak for about 45 minutes and cover your medical history, and that of your parents and siblings. We will discuss in detail your condition, presenting symptoms and the effect these are having on you. I may enquire about your lifestyle and habits, and if I deem necessary, I may require further in-depth details regarding events that may possibly have affected you emotionally. My task will be to gather as much relevant information as possible, so please be aware that I may occasionally ask questions that might seem unrelated to your condition. I will prescribe a homeopathic remedy that most closely matches your symptoms and personal circumstances after the initial consultation. Selecting a personal remedy is an involved and lengthy process, requiring me to study my consultation notes and homeopathy practice books before arriving at a suitable remedy for you. I aim to despatch remedies to UK-based clients, and provide prescriptions to overseas clients, within 48 hours of the consultation. 

All consultations are undertaken in total confidence, and as homeopaths we are bound by a strict code of ethics and guidelines. 

I usually hold follow-up appointments three to five weeks after the initial consultation. Here we will discuss your progress and evaluate the improvements in your condition. We will discuss the changes that you have experienced, and may require some further details in order to assess next steps. 

The length of time required for a homeopathic remedy to take effect depends on the individual. This may be anything between two to four weeks, but the complete curative process may take a few months. Therefore, on average you should expect to commit to three appointments.

Privacy Policy

Your confidentiality and privacy are paramount. This page will help you understand how I deal with your personal information. 

What personal information do I collect?

You will be required to provide me with the following information: 



home address;

date of birth and nationality;

contact details, including telephone numbers and email address; and

health details and medical history.

I will add to this information over time, the details of the conditions for which you have consulted me and the remedies that I have prescribed or recommended to you.  

How do I collect this personal information?

I collect and update personal information from you directly. Your personal information and details about your condition and medical history are usually collected at the point of the initial consultation. During the follow-up consultation I may add to your existing details, depending on whether new information has been provided. Before commencing treatment, I will also request that you provide consent for me to store and use your data (only for the purpose of treatment). Your consent is required in order to ensure my compliance with data protection legislation. 

How do I use your information?

I use the information to analyse the condition for which you have consulted me and to prescribe relevant remedies. I may communicate with you by email, text messaging, telephone or by post. 

How do I store this information?

Any personal information gathered during the consultation session is securely stored in hard copy in a locked cabinet in my office. No person other than me has access to these paper-based files.

I make sure that my computer used for emailing patients is password protected, and that it is securely stored when not in use. My computer is screen locked or logged out of when I am away from my desk.

Care is taken to prevent virus attacks by ensuring my computer has virus protection software and undergoes regular software updates.

Appropriate care is taken when opening email attachments and when visiting new websites.

The personal data kept electronically consists of your email address and phone number, along with any messages exchanged.

I may occasionally send an email reminder in connection with your next appointment date and/or an email outlining your prescription and instructions for use.

Your mobile number and any text messages we have exchanged are stored on my iPhone that is backed up electronically on the iCloud to protect against accidental loss. 

How long do I keep your information?

I will be required to keep your information for as long as I provide consultations to you. Since patients often return for a new consultation after a period of absence, I will keep your information for seven years after your last consultation. At that point your file will be securely destroyed by way of using a shredder and any digital information will be erased from my computer systems.